About Spinroad

World Class Recording Studio in Gothenburg

SpinRoad Recording Studios are located in Lindome just outside Gothenburg and is housed in a beautiful building from the early 1900s. The studio is a brand new purpose-built recording studio owned by multi-platinum, award winning, music producer Pedro Ferreira. 
All the rooms are designed with acoustic excellence in mind as well as the comfort and well being of the musicians and producers using it.
The main recording area, an elegant 120 square meter room, is flooded with natural daylight by three huge windows and has both a relaxing and an inspiring atmosphere. The room has two distinct acoustic areas. A small, more controlled one, and a larger area, which makes it perfect to record any kind of music. In this room you will also find a Yamaha C3 Grand piano, a Tama drum kit, various guitar amplifiers and an impressive collection of microphones.
At the heart of the 40 square meter control room is a fully serviced 48 channel Neve V3, and two racks fully equipped with some of the most sought after vintage and modern toys. Monitoring is by the classic Yamaha NS10s, ProAc Studio100 and Unity Audio The Boulder.
 In the computer you will find a comprehensive choice of plug-ins on Pro-Tools HDX. The converters are by Focusrite Rednet.
The acoustics of both rooms were made perfect by Nick Whitaker, one of the world’s best renowned acoustic designers, and will impress both producers and engineers for its warmth and accuracy.
There’s also a luxurious lounge fitted with a modern kitchen where clients can rest and hang out.
At SpinRoad you can create both small and large world-class productions, ranging from hard rock and metal to choral and orchestral music. Here you can get help in all phases of production, from song arrangement, recording, to mixing. We also offer online mixing and mastering at great prices and will help you every step of the way – getting your tracks ready, compressing them and uploading them to our own dropbox.

Whether you want to record a whole album or mix a single, SpinRoad Studios offers the space, equipment and the know-how required for professional results.

Be Inspired!

Equipment List

Neve V3 48 channels

Pro Tools Hdx

Focusrite Rednet Converters 32 I/O
Lavry Ad10 Converter

Beyerdynamic dt150 x5
Hear Back Headphone mixers
Unity Audio Boulders
Yamaha Ns10m


Calrec DL1656 Compressor
Dbx 160 x2
Empirical Labs EL8-X Distressor x2
Gates STA-Level
Overstrayer Stereo FET Compressor
Overstayer Stereo VCA Compressor
RNC 1773
Spl Transient Designer
Universal Audio 1176 Ln
WesAudio beta 76

Warm Audio eqp-wa

-Mic Preamps
Universal Audio 2-610 Tube Preamplifier

Eventide H3000
Lexicon PCM70
Roland Space Echo Re-201
Roland Chorus Echo Re-501
Yamaha SPX1000

Burns (Bass)
Farfisa VIP400
Fender Rhodes Mark II
Tama Silverstar (Drums)- 26", 18", 16", 14"
1960's Ludwig (Drums)-22", 16", 13"
Zildjian A cymbals
Yamaha C3 (Grand Piano)
Remo congas
Ludwig Supraphonic snare
Tama Starphonic snare


Pedals etc.
Ampeg Scrambler
Digi Tech Whammy
Electro-Harmonix American Big Muff
Electro-Harmonix Russian Big Muff
Radial x-amp
Suhr Riot
MXR El Grande Bass Fuzz
MXR Distortion+
TC Electronics Polytune

Guitar Amps
Orange Rocker 30
Orange Tiny Terror
Fender Twin Reverb

Advanced audio CM47 ve x2
Advanced audio CM47 fet CE
AEA A440
AEA A840 x2
AKG D112
AKG 224C
Audio-Technica AT2031 x2
Calrec CC50
Crown Pzm
Dpa 4011 x2
Neumann U87
Neumann U47 Fet
Neumann Km54a
Royer R121 x2
Sennheiser E845
Sennheiser E865
Sennheiser E903
Sennheiser E906 x3
Sennheiser Md421 x3
Shure Sm 57 x7
Shure Sm7b
Soyuz SU-017
Stc 4021 (Ball n Biscuit)
Telefunken ELAM 250f

Tape Machine
Studer A827 24 Track 2" Tape Machine with Dolby SR

Quad 520f x2
Quad 450 mk2

Finding Spinroad Studios

By car

Approximately a 15 minute journey from central Gothenburg. Take the E20 towards Malmö, take exit Lindome/Kållered S/Kållered/Köpstad (just by IKEA), in the roundabout take the 3rd exit and stay in the left lane, at the junction turn left towards Lindome and stay on this road until you see Spinneriet on your left (about 7 mins). Make a sharp left turn where you see the sign for Spinroad Recording Studios, continue up a small gravel road and take the first right. You've arrived!

By public transport

Bus route 761 takes you straight from central Gothenburg (from Heden) to Annestorpsvägen (you'll see Spinneriet on your left as you exit the bus). Alternatively, take the train (pendeltåg) from Gothenburg Central Station towards Kungsbacka to Lindome Station, 15 minute journey. From here, get bus 761 towards Heden and get off at Annestorpsvägen, it's a 5 minute journey and you'll see Spinneriet on your right as the bus approaches the stop. Go to www.vasttrafik.se for departure times - both buses and trains run frequently.

By taxi

The two major cab companies in Gothenburg are:

Taxi Göteborg - +46 (0) 31 65 00 00

TaxiKurir - +46 (0) 31 27 27 27

From Landvetter Airport 

Get the airport transfer bus (Flygbuss) to Gothenburg Central Station. From here, either get on public transport as described above or jump in a cab (the two companies named above are supposedly the most reliable).

Contact Us

Rose's mugshot

Rosie McClune - Studio Manager

+46 76 426 66 51

Pedro Ferreira - Engineer/Producer

+46 76 216 88 85

Spinnmästarevägen 2
437 34 Lindome


Client Testimonials

What our clients have had to say about SpinRoad:

“With a drum machine and the latest plug ins for your computer you can make an album in your bedroom that sound just as good as almost all other crap in this decade, and 95% as good as the greatest albums of all time. With a decent studio, a real drum kit including a drummer who can play somewhat tight you can go to 98%. However – your competition is the ones reaching 100%. There are really no short cuts. The last 2% to perfection can only be achieved in a studio that went all the way to 100% perfection itself, a studio that made no compromises in as well gear, staff and foremost: the rooms. A studio that is located in an inspiring area and not just jammed into an old suburban industry facility with low rent. That is SpinRoad Studios and that is why we did choose to work there! We were overwhelmed by the gear, the sound, the feeling and Pedro’s knowledge. So: Think! Are you going to create decent or great art in your life and career? Great art can never be compromised and is worth every investment. Decent art will never be remembered.”–John Alfredsson/Avatar

“Awesome producer and a kick ass studio!!”–Black Magic Fools

“Best studio I’ve worked in so far and it’s all because of the magician Pedro Ferreira who runs it! He is dedicated and passionate and you couldn’t ask for a better producer.”–Dylan Brock/Maddox Street

“Awesome! Loved recording here and can’t wait to come back. Pedro is a pro and the piano is so beautiful to play.”–Penny Black

“In short – amazing rooms and gear. Pedro´s resume speaks for itself. If you want the best, SpinRoad is the place. On top of that, Pedro and Rosie are the nicest people!”–Birger Löfman

“Status Pro.”– Anna Lundqvist 

“A beautiful facility. Pedro is a great producer who’ll dial in to what you want the second you show up and cater to your preferences. He speeds up the creative process, and so does all the gear the studio has to offer.”–Anthony Cui



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